Create a Summer Vibe with Sheer Curtains


Imagine a pair of sheer curtains fluttering gently in the breeze from an open window – that’s the essence of summer, isn’t it? Sheer curtains are also a winning choice for allowing natural light to filter in while providing a shield from the sun’s strong rays.

Here, we offer 4 tips on decorating with sheer curtains and how to hang them for a delightful summer feel indoors.

1. Sheer Curtains with Patterns 

Looking to add a personal touch to your décor? Patterns can create stunning effects in your home but can sometimes feel daunting with bold and distinctive designs. A pair of sheer patterned curtains can create beautiful effects as the incoming light enhances the curtain’s texture. Opting for pattern texture instead of mixing various colours is a good start, as it still provides a cohesive feel to your home.

Måttillverkad gardin Minna i matrum.
Närbild på vit fin skir gardin som pyntar hem i jultider.

2. Light Colours for an Airy Feel

For a long time, light and fresh décor has been associated with neutral colours like beige and white. However, you can be a bit more creative with your colour choices while maintaining that airy feel. Choose a sheer curtain in a light, summery colour with great light transmission this spring – colour has never been trendier, and with a sheer coloured curtain, you can really liven up your home without making permanent changes. Pale pink tones are particularly trendy now and combine beautifully with the Scandinavian favourite, beige. Or why not opt for a pair of sheer green curtains for a fresh, energising look?


3. Trendy Hotel-Style Setup

The popular hotel style remains highly relevant in interior design, especially in bedrooms. It can be both stylish and practical to use curtains in two layers. A sheer curtain serves as the lower layer for light and privacy during the day, while the upper layer of a thicker curtain can be drawn at night to block out light. Use wave/ruflette hooks to achieve those elegant hotel waves, and hang the curtains on a practical double track ceiling rail to easily open and close the different layers.


4. Curtains for Privacy

Covering an entire window area with sheer curtains is both stylish and practical, as the curtain serves as a privacy screen – particularly useful if you have large windows with a lot of visibility. This way, you won’t block the natural light and can create an airy yet cosy feel in the room. With curtain rails, you achieve an impactful look with sheer curtains from floor to ceiling, which also gives the effect of more space and higher ceilings. If you have very wide window areas to cover, you can join several curtain rails to allow the curtains to run the entire length. A good tip is to complement your curtain rails with corded gliders – a simple way to ensure the folds are even and uniform across the whole window area.


Frequently Asked Questions About Curtains

What height should I order?

The height depends on which curtain rail and hook you combine. In our curtain guide, you can read more about how to measure to get the perfect height for your curtains.

What width should I order?

You should always specify the total width of the curtain with the fabric flattened out when ordering.
A good rule of thumb is that 2 meters of fabric covers about 1 meter of window when using pleats or waves.

Which fabric should I choose?

Texture, light transmission, colour, material – there are many choices when it comes to curtains. Explore our entire curtain collection and start by ordering fabric samples so you can see and feel the fabric in real life before ordering.

How do I hang my curtains?

The draping result depends on which curtain hook you use and how closely you place the hooks. In our hanging guide, you’ll learn more about the different curtain hooks and the results they provide.

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