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All you need to know about blackout blinds and curtains

Just as there are many different reasons to want to darken a room, there are many ways to achieve it. In the bedroom, you may want complete darkness to get the best possible sleep and to shut out the sun, street lights, and car headlamps, while in the TV room a stylish blackout curtain might suffice to avoid reflections in the TV screen. No matter what your room needs, Hasta has a solution for you!

Hasta Tension skruvfri rullgardin 28 mm, mörkläggande, flera färger

1. Roller blind

Many people probably think of a roller blind when thinking about darkening a room. A blackout roller blind shuts out the light to really darken the room and is an easy way to achieve darkness. When buying a blackout roller blind, it’s a good idea to get a roller blind that covers a few centimeters of wall on either side to minimize stray light. Hasta has developed different roller blinds to meet different needs.

Our standard blackout roller blinds can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or in a niche. They are delivered with an under roll so that the fabric sits as close to the wall as possible. However, remember that when installing in a niche, there will be some stray light at the sides because the brackets on either side take space too.

Our blackout roller blinds can be ordered online here

2. Curtains

A blackout curtain is easily drawn when you want to shut out the light and makes for a very stylish-looking window. Our exclusive blackout curtains are beautifully textured, bringing the curtain to life. What’s more, all our curtains feature a multi-purpose curtain tape that allows you to hang them as you see fit – you can read more here.

Something worth considering when you want to use curtains to darken a room is that there will be a gap on either side of the window. Accordingly, it can be a good idea to place the blackout curtain as close to the window and the wall as possible to reduce any gaps where light can seep in. If you have a window sill that sticks out a little from the wall, this can make the gaps at the sides bigger and you may need to use an additional sunshade if you want complete darkness.

Our blackout curtains can be ordered online here.

Gardin Svala, mörkläggande, ljusgrå, extra hög & bred
Hissgardin med lina, väv Dokie beige, måttillverkad

3. Roman blinds

If you’re looking for both a sunshade and a stylish pelmet, then a pull-up curtain is the right choice. Silent Night is a pull-up curtain that has both a blackout function and a sound damping effect, making it perfect in the bedroom or TV room.

This pull-up curtain can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or in a niche. When installing in a niche, you can end up with slight gaps at the sides of the fabric, which is why for the best possible blackout effect we recommend mounting the pull-up curtain on the wall or the ceiling so that the fabric can extend outside the window. Note, however, that the fabric will not sit against the wall so there will be a small gap on either side. The more you let the pull-up curtain extend onto the wall, the less stray light comes in.

Our blackout pull-up curtains can be ordered online here.

4. Pleated blinds

You can also choose blackout fabrics for our pleated blinds. These use two layers of fabric, a so-called honeycomb design, to conceal the holes for the cords so that no light can seep in.

Frihängande Plisségardin, Mörkläggande Honeycomb väv


Cool nights
Draw your blackout sunshade in the bedroom a short while before your planned bedtime. A blackout sunshade also helps keep heat out and if you shut out the sun for a short while before bed, you can be sure of a cool and comfortable temperature in the bedroom.

Color choices
Our sunshades are available in many different colors and patterns – and you know that our light-colored blackout fabrics are just as effective as our dark-colored ones? So you can choose freely from all the models on offer to suit your taste!

Blackout your kids’ rooms
Since young children also sleep in the daytime, we recommend choosing a blackout sunshade in rooms where children sleep. A dark curtain can make the room a little darker, but a blackout sunshade shuts out the light and reduces the heat from the hot sun.