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Professionally tailored curtains with widths up to 2,7 m and height up to 5 m

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Order handmade, professionally hemmed curtains made-to-measure for your windows. All of our curtains feature a 10 cm hem that allows them to drape beautifully with a look of luxury. A perfect option for extra large curtains that hang from the floor to the ceiling, or when you want to dress a wide window. If you require a wider curtain than 270 cm, order several lengths and state in the order notes that you would like the curtains to be sewn together.

Due to the fact that fabric is a living material that can be affected by things like humidity, we approve a certain differential in the measurements received from our customers. Read more about this in our terms & conditions here.

Made-to-measure curtains

Made-to-measure curtain CLOUD, grey

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