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Decorate with Green – 3 Shades for Energy and Harmony


Green shades are perfect for those who want to add some colour to their interior without diving in completely straight away. Experimenting with green as an accent colour is a good start, but if you desire a more cohesive feel, it may be a good idea to work with green shades as the basis of your decor. If you’re not ready to repaint, curtains are an excellent way to create the feeling in a room – and can easily be swapped out as needed.




Combine ceiling-mounted curtain tracks with wave/rufflette hooks to create a lovely hotel-like ambiance at home that feels luxurious and well thought out. Whether you desire blackout or natural light, a pair of stylish curtains can truly elevate an entire room!

Here we list 3 delightful green shades that are equally stunning on their own as they are when combined, and they also bring energy and tranquillity into your home at a time when we need both the most!

Nature-Inspired Forest Green

Invite nature into your home with deep shades of green reminiscent of our British forests! This relaxing shade is perfect for rooms like the bedroom where rest and tranquillity are paramount. Opt for blackout curtains that are both functional and stylish, and pair them with a lighter tone-on-tone curtain for a lovely hotel feel. With ceiling-mounted curtain tracks and wave/rufflet hooks, you can easily create a trendy curtain arrangement with hotel waves.

The living room is also a great place for this deep, moody shade where we want to create a calm atmosphere to unwind after a long day. The forest green hue is quite chic and pairs well with darker wood for a luxurious feel and an elegant touch. One of this year’s major trends is a nostalgic retro vibe where older furniture and thrift store finds are happily mixed with new pieces in the decor. Here, the forest green shade is a natural fit, embracing and evoking a bygone era.

Light and Scandinavian

Light colours and minimalist decor have long characterised the Scandinavian style, but even here we see the growing trend of colour starting to creep in, moving away from homes decorated exclusively in neutral shades like beige and grey.

The new shades of green trending in 2024 are light, more playful in tones like mint and light turquoise – a perfect choice for a home decorated in Scandinavian style with a fresh and invigorating feel. This shade, too, is inspired by nature, but unlike the dark, moody green, this shade evokes thoughts of wind and water, and a fresh, crisp atmosphere that refreshes and energises us. This shade also pairs nicely with natural materials and light woods, which are popular elements in Scandinavian style.

Create Calm with Subdued Tones

For those who are a bit hesitant about the colour trend, a more subdued shade of green may feel easier to start with. This year, we see many bold, strong colours dominating the interior design world, and even in these cases, a subdued base can create a calming feeling that is peaceful and harmonious.

Choosing a muted shade of green provides a cosy and welcoming feel, making it a perfect choice in bedrooms where we want to focus on a colour that doesn’t feel too intense. Green is generally a versatile colour to combine with other shades, and a subdued green works as a perfect base to build on with accent colours in brighter, stronger shades. Enhance the natural feeling with fresh indoor plants, and you’ve created a haven in your home where both new energy and relaxation go hand in hand.