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Curtain rods

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Types of curtain rods

Complete curtain rods in adjustable sizes

When you buy a complete curtain rod, it includes an adjustable curtain rod, finials, and all the necessary brackets – quick and convenient. Because the rod is composed of a smaller diameter rod inside a larger one, you can adjust the overall length within a certain range.

Mix&Match curtain accessories

We also sell separate curtain rod components, such as the individual rods, finials, and wall brackets. This allows you to mix and match components to meet your needs!

Empire and other wooden curtain rods

For a more traditional-looking home, Empire, a series of wooden curtain rods in antique white gold and black silver, is a good choice. We also carry traditional white wooden curtain rods for a rustic, farmhouse look. Our wood products are sold individually.

Premium Selection

Our “Premium Selection” is a series of stainless steel and wooden curtain rods that include designer brackets and curtain rings. Premium Selection curtain rods are fixed length and non-adjustable without joints.

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Hanging curtains on a rod

Directly on the rod in loops

If you have a curtain with loops on the back, you can thread the curtain directly onto the rod. All of Hasta’s curtains feature a multi-purpose curtain tape with, among other things, loops.

Hanging curtains with rings

If you want to give your curtains a more exclusive look with beautiful folds, you can hang them on a curtain rod using curtain rings.

Hanging curtains with eyelets

An eyelet curtain comes with open eyelets that you can use to thread the curtain onto the rod. If you have a regular curtain, or want to make your own curtain, you can buy eyelets from us that are easily pressed onto the curtain.

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Positioning a curtain rail/curtain rod

The window is the same size in both pictures.

Intuitively, we often choose a curtain rod about the same width as the window, or perhaps a few centimeters wider, and place it just above the window. With this setup, much of the window ends up concealed by the curtain.

If you, instead, choose a wider curtain rod/curtain rail and place it closer to the ceiling, the window will appear to be larger and the room taller and airier.