Curtain rail U-rail complete with brackets and 15 gliders/m

From: 15£

Affordable and compact curtain rail that blends into the interior. Perfect ceiling rail when you want your curtains to run from ceiling to floor. Included in the pack are the rail, end stops, brackets, and gliders for a complete installation. The pack includes 15 gliders per meter of rail. Ceiling-mounted using screws.

Maximum load: 3 kg/1 m, 5 kg/3 m, 7 kg/5 m

A u-rail mounted on the ceiling allows you to hang your curtains the full height from ceiling to floor. To give any room a truly luxurious hotel feeling, you can install two curtain rails in parallel about 10 cm apart. You can then hang lighter, slightly translucent curtains from the rail installed closest to the window. In the daytime, you can use the lighter curtain for shade and privacy while still allowing sunlight into the room. From the second rail, furthest from the window, you then hang full blackout curtains, such as Hasta’s Silent Night curtains. These can be drawn at night when you want complete darkness in the room.

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