Blackout Curtains: 4 Tips for a Cozy Bedroom


A pair of blackout curtains can be both functional and a key interior design element when decorating your bedroom. Since bedroom décor is often minimal, textiles become the focal point. There are several reasons to choose blackout curtains for one of the most important rooms in your home:

  • A stylish design feature
  • Heat-reducing effect
  • Wide variety to suit all styles
  • Curtains create a cosy and inviting atmosphere – perfect for bedrooms!

Here are 4 tips we hope you find useful when choosing curtains for your bedroom – for a good night’s sleep and luxurious lie-ins!

1. Blackout Curtains for Better Sleep

When it comes to bedroom curtains, there is a plethora of fabrics to choose from – ranging from sheer and transparent to luxurious velvet. In the bedroom, it’s wise to opt for blackout curtains that you can draw closed or open up, especially if your windows lack other sun-blocking products. There are different types of blackout curtains to choose from. Curtains made from room-darkening fabric significantly darken the room, but if you need complete darkness, you should opt for curtains with a blackout lining that completely blocks out light.

Mörkläggningsgardiner i sovrum.
Mörkläggande, beige gardin i sovrum.

2. Hotel Feel with Double Layers

Is there anything more luxurious than falling asleep and waking up in a plush hotel bed? Create that hotel feel at home by opting for double-layer bedroom curtains. Combine a sheer curtain with a thicker one that you can easily open and close with a double curtain track. This way, you get a really stylish curtain setup during the day that lets in daylight while providing privacy, and a good night’s sleep with your blackout curtains drawn at night.

Hotellgardiner i dubbla lager.
Hotellgardiner i dubbla lager.

3. Minimise Light Leakage

Even if you choose blackout fabric for your bedroom curtains, light can still seep in around the edges, disrupting your sleep – especially during early summer mornings when you’re enjoying your lie-in. Ensure the curtains cover as much of the wall around the window as possible to minimise light leakage. If you can, opt for curtains that cover the entire wall – this creates a seamless and stylish look. To reduce light coming in from above the window, use a ceiling-mounted curtain track and hooks that position your blackout curtains as close to the ceiling as possible.

Vita, mörkläggande gardiner i sovrum.
Hotellgardiner i dubbla lager i sovrum.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackout Curtains

What is the difference between a room-darkening curtain and a blackout curtain?

A blackout curtain has a lining that completely blocks out light. A room-darkening curtain lacks this lining and therefore only darkens the room, but is softer and more flexible in fabric.

Is a black bedroom curtain better than a white one for blackout?

No, a dark-coloured curtain does not block out light better than a light-coloured one. In fact, it can be advantageous to choose lighter colours for a cooler bedroom, as dark colours absorb more heat, which can then be dispersed into the room.

How can I make my bedroom completely dark?

A blackout curtain is a good choice for complete darkness, but to achieve a totally pitch-black bedroom, you might need to complement them with other blackout products. Feel free to book a digital consultation with us, and we’ll help you find the best products for your bedroom.

Are blackout curtains also soundproof?

Our blackout curtains are not specifically designed to be soundproof, but fabric generally dampens sound to some extent naturally.

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