Hasta Tension
– screwless roller blind

Hasta Tension skruvfri rullgardin screen Cumulus, beige
Hasta Tension Day&Night, skruvfri rullgardin, måttillverkad
Hasta Tension Screen rullgardin miljö
Hasta Tension skruvfri rullgardin 28 mm, mörkläggande, flera färger


We make the roller blind according to your exact measurements for a perfect fit in your window. 

No screws neccesary

Applies with friction in the window niche- you do not have to make an unnecessary impact to the window with by drilling. 

Large selection of fabrics 

Hasta Tension can be made using basically any fabric from our collection. Anything from plain, Day&Night and screen to complete blackout fabric.  

Unique innovation

There are times when you need a sunshade, but don’t want or aren’t allowed to make screw holes in your windows. In modern houses with aluminum window frames, you are often not allowed to make holes in the frames as they are part of the load-bearing structure.

asta Tension is a friction-mounted roller blind that you install in the window niche. The spring-loaded mechanism has mounting plates that press into the wall when you rotate and expand the roller blind.



Tension 28 or 28 mm?

The specified dimensions in mm refer to the size of the tube which holds the fabric.
Tension 28 mm features a thinner tube, and the brackets are smaller. The actual fabric will always be a few cm narrower than the total measurement including brackets. For Tension 28 mm, the fabric will be approximately 3 cm narrower, whilst it will be approximately 5 cm narrower on Tension 38 mm.

This generally means that the gaps on the side of the fabric will be smaller with Tension 28 mm. This could be an advantage with a blackout roller blind, where you want to minimize the light coming in from the sides.

The tube on Tension 38 mm is thicker and as a result, more suitable for when you need a longer roller blind as it can hold heavier weights of the fabric.

Tension 28 mm requires a niche with a depth of 5 cm to be able to properly attach. For Tension, the requirement is a niche with a depth of 6 cm.

Which measurement should I specify when ordering?

When ordering Hasta Tension, you should always specify the exact width of the window niche so that we make the roller blind in a size that provides a perfect fit. Always measure the niche exactly where the roller blind is to be installed in case the niche is slightly uneven.
If you have a window that is very uneven and asymmetrical, it can be a good idea to check so that it doesn’t differ by more than 1 cm in width on each side of the niche. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the roller blind will hit the side of the niche when rolled down.

How deep must the niche be to fit Hasta Tension?

To properly install Hasta Tension, the entire surface of each mounting plate needs to be in contact with the niche. As such, the niche needs to be at least some 6 cm deep.

Which fabrics suits Hasta Tension?

All our regular roller blind fabrics suit Hasta Tension, plain colored, blackout, screen and Day&Night fabrics.
Our effect roller blinds Daybreak aren’t currently available with the Hasta Tension mechanism.

How accurately do I need to measure?

It’s important that you measure as accurately as possible. The roller blind has a tolerance of ±1.5 mm.
However! The best result is always achieved with an exact measurement – so measure carefully! 🙂

How wide will the actual fabric be?

Hasta Tension expands to fit the niche and the difference between the total measurement and the fabric measurement varies depending on the accuracy of your measuring. If your measuring is accurate, the brackets builds 1,5-2,5 cm on each side, meaning the width of the fabric will be 3-5 cm smaller than the total measurement of the roller blind.