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Terms and Conditions

Company Information

E-mail: [email protected]

Open Mon-Fri: 7 am-3.30 pm Closed for lunch 11 pm-11.30 pm.

Address: Hasta AB, Fabriksgatan 14, SE-731 50 Köping, Sweden

How to Return a Product:

If the product doesn’t suit your window, you can return it to us within 14 days of receipt.

If you exercise your right to return a product, the direct cost of returning the product will be paid by you. Please make sure to pack the returned goods well, if possible in the original outer packaging, in order to avoid transportation damage. The product must be returned in its original packaging and in saleable condition.

We strongly recommend that you use a trackable and insured shipping service to avoid damage when returning a product to us.

To exercise your right to return a product, you must inform us by registering your return here.

You must send back the goods no longer than 14 days after you communicate your return to us. If you have any questions regarding returns, please contact [email protected]

NB: The right of return does not apply to made-to-measure or special order items.

Prices and Fees

Our prices can change due to circumstances outside of Hasta’s control. Examples include but are not limited to considerable changes in raw material prices, exchange rate fluctuations, and altered sales tax rates. All prices include local VAT. If the sales tax rate is altered, we reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly. We cannot be held liable for printing and typographical errors.

Our Current Fees for Residents in the United Kingdom

Shipping cost: £9.99 (free shipping on orders over £150  )

For packages longer than 120 cm: £19.99

Payment Methods

We offer payment via Paypal. Paypal is a fast and secure way to pay for your online purchases. All you need to do is create a Paypal account and connect it to your bank account or credit card. When shopping just log in to Paypal and confirm your purchase on the account. There is no need to enter any credit card information or account details on our site. Please note that it is not possible to use a different billing and shipping address when paying with Paypal. Your order will be sent to the confirmed address in your Paypal account.

The prices of our products are in GBP including local VAT. The price at the time an order is placed is the price that applies regardless of whether the price goes up or down thereafter.

When you proceed to the checkout, you will be able to see the total price including local VAT and any shipping cost. You will also find our full shipping and payment terms and conditions at checkout.

Change or Cancel Order

We cannot make any changes to completed orders. Please check your order before you complete it. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us at [email protected]

Right of Return

  • If you choose to return the entire order and nothing is damaged, we will refund the full amount for the returned products, minus original shipping cost, within 30 days.
  • The right of return period does not begin until the day you receive the delivery and the delivery slip.

Faulty Items

  • If it concerns a used item, please e-mail [email protected].
  • If the package is received damaged, it is important that you report it immediately to the shipping company as they are liable for transport damage.
  • If the package is intact but the contents are damaged, please email [email protected] immediately upon receipt of order. If more than 2 days have passed after receipt of order, we will be unable to accept your claim.
  • Always include a photograph of the damage/faulty product in your email. If the claim concerns incorrect measurements, we might ask you to provide us with a video to demonstrate the measurements being wrong. We have to approve the claim before you send it back to us, otherwise we will not be able to handle the claim.
  • Changes in measurements are not possible for replacement products in conjunction with claims. If a replacement product is being offered, the same measurements as stated in the original order will apply.


If we are unable to agree in a claims matter, we recomend that you contact the UK international consumer centre https://www.ukecc.net/ . We always follow their recomendations.

Uncollected packages

  • If you change your mind when the package has already been sent from us, you must still pick up the package from your delivery point and send it back to us. We charge a fee of £50 for packages that are not collected, corresponding to the actual costs of return shipping, shipping, and handling.

In the case of exchanges, faulty items, and returns, you are responsible for the transport risk. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that the goods are not damaged before accepting and signing for the delivery. Always keep the packing slip/return shipping receipt until the return is completed.


The amount is refunded to the same account from which the money was debited.


We deliver with UPS or Fedex. Our aim is to ship your order within 2-4 days for standard products. For made-to-measure items, delivery time is aproximately 3 weeks. We always do our best to deliver within these timelines. On some occasions however, the delivery time can be longer. We will in that case do our best to inform you as a customer as soon as possible.

Should the delivery time exceed 30 working days for standard items and 45 working days for made-to-measure items, you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund.

We use the delivery address stated when the order was made. We are not able to change the delivery address at a later stage or re-direct orders in transit to a different address. If the delivery address is not correct, the customer is responsible for contacting us immediately after the order has been made. The order will then be cancelled completely so that a new order can be placed. This option is only possible if the order has not already been sent.

After receipt of your order, it is important that you immediately open the box to ensure that everything is correct and that your products are free from visible damage. If you happen to discover any discrepancies in your order, you must contact us no later than two days after receipt for us to be able to approve your claim and remedy the problem.


Curtain tailoring and differences in colour nuance

Fabric is a living material that can be affected by, among other things, temperature and humidity levels. Due to this, we approve a differential of -1.5 cm on the measurements provided by our customer. When we receive a claim, measurements are always verified with the curtain hung, not laying down. Measurements are taken on each side as well as in the middle. The approved differential between these 3 points of measure is 0.5 cm.

Do not send any advance payments.
We cannot be held responsible for cash, checks, or stamps sent by post.

We report all fraud and hacking, including attempts, to the police. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your purchase should we have reason to suspect fraud, hacking, and/or any other kind of misuse of our website.

Minors (under 18 years of age) must have parental consent to place an order.

Changes to orders
Changes to a current order must be notified within 24 h of the order being placed. We will do our best to provide changes within this time period, but we can never guarantee that it will be possible to accommodate. This mainly applies to standard products that in some case are sent immediately. On these occasions, order changes are not possible even within 24h. If changes are crucial after this time period, the order will be cancelled completely. This is only possible if the order has not yet been sent (for standard items) or has not yet entered production (for made-to-measure items).

Force Majeure

Hasta is not to be held liable for its failure to perform certain obligations under this agreement provided such failure is due to the exempting circumstances described below and said circumstances prevent, hinder, or delay such performance.

Exempting circumstances include, for example, action or inaction by the authorities, new or amended legislation, labor market conflicts, industrial action, fires, floods, sabotage, and major accidents. Force majeure includes government decisions with a negative impact on markets and products, such as resolutions on product warnings, sales bans, and similar actions, as well as unexpected downturns in the market.

Personal Data

Privacy Policy

This policy establishes how Hasta AB processes your personal data.

What is personal data?
Personal data is any information that can be used, individually or together with other information, to identify a person. That is, any type of information that is directly or indirectly attributable to a living natural person. This can include, for example, names and e-mail addresses, but also images and audio recordings that are processed using a computer, even if no names are used. Encrypted data and various types of electronic identifiers, such as IP numbers, are considered personal data if they can be linked to natural persons.

What does personal data processing entail?
All handling of personal data is considered processing, regardless of whether it is automated. This includes actions such as collecting, recording, storing, adapting, organizing, transmitting, and erasing personal data.

Data controller Hasta AB, Swedish company no. 556477-7828, Fabriksgatan 12, SE-731 50 Köping, Sweden.

Providing personal data is voluntary. If you wish to erase or restrict the processing of your personal data, please e-mail [email protected], call +46 (0)221 345 00, or write to Hasta AB, Fabriksgatan 14, SE-731 50 Köping, Sweden to inform us of your wishes. Please note that the processing of some of your personal data is required if you are to buy from us and use our website.

1. Which personal data are collected, for what purposes, and for how long are they kept?

1.1 Purpose: Manage purchase/order.

Personal data

  • Name
  • Contact details (e.g., address, e-mail, phone number)
  • Payment history
  • Payment information
  • Credit ratings from credit rating agencies
  • Purchasing information (e.g., ordered products, delivery address)
  • User details of those who have entered this information under “My account”


  • Delivery (including notification and contact regarding delivery)
  • Identification and age verification
  • Payment processing via Klarna
  • Managing complaints and warranty claims

Legal basis:Performance of the sales agreement.
We collect these personal data because they are required to fulfil our obligations under the sales agreement. We may be forced to refuse your purchase if this information is not provided as we are then unable to fulfil our obligations.

Data retention period:We keep the data until the purchase is completed, delivered, and paid for and for a further 36 months in order to fulfil our warranty obligations and to manage any complaints.

1.2 Purpose: Fulfil the company’s legal obligations

Personal data

  • Name.
  • Contact details (e.g., address, e-mail, and phone number)
  • Payment history
  • Payment information
  • Your correspondence
  • Details about the time of purchase


  • Processing necessary to fulfill the company’s legal obligations as per legal requirements, judicial decisions, and government decisions (e.g., Swedish acts on accounting and money laundering or Swedish regulations on product liability and safety, such as to be able to contact customers concerning product recalls in the event of defective or hazardous products).

Legal basis:Legal obligation.
We collect these personal data because it is a legal requirement. We may be forced to refuse your purchase if this information is not provided as we are then unable to fulfil our legal obligation.

Data retention period:We keep the data until the purchase is completed, delivered, and paid for and for a further 36 months in order to fulfil our warranty obligations and to manage any complaints.

1.3 Purpose: Manage customer service cases

Personal data

  • Name
  • Contact details (e.g., address, e-mail, and phone number)
  • Your correspondence
  • Details about the time of purchase, place of purchase, any faults/complaints
  • Technical details about your product
  • User details of those who have entered this information under “My account”


  • Identification
  • Communication and responses to any questions addressed to customer service, which encompasses both telephone calls and digital channels, including social media.
  • Investigation of customer service cases, including technical support.

Legal basis:Legitimate interest.
We collect and process this data as it is necessary if we are to fulfil our and your legitimate interest in managing customer service cases.

Data retention period:We keep the data for 36 months from the closing of the customer service case.

1.4 Purpose: Evaluate, develop, and improve our services, products, and systems for our customers

Personal data

  • Age
  • Sex
  • City
  • Purchase and user-generated data (e.g., click and page visit history and information about purchased products)
  • Information about devices and settings, including IP address, web browser settings, language settings, operating system, and screen resolution.
  • Information about your behavior on our website, such as how you found the website, how long you visit various pages, response times, and more.


  • To make our website more user-friendly and easily navigated for you as a customer
  • To collect reviews via the third-party solution Trustpilot
  • To collate material to help to develop and improve our product offering and to enable customers to influence our offering
  • To collate material to help to develop and improve our resource efficiency in terms of the environment and sustainability (e.g., by optimizing our purchasing and planning deliveries)
  • To collate material to help to improve IT security for the company and our customers

Legal basis:Legitimate interest.
We collect and process this data as it is necessary if we are to fulfil our and your legitimate interest in ensuring a simple and straightforward purchasing process and a user-friendly experience of our services, products, and systems, as well as to enable our customers to provide feedback and encourage us to become a better supplier.

Data retention period:We keep the data for 36 months from the date of collection.

1.5 Purpose: To send digital newsletters featuring special offers and information to our subscribers

Personal data

  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Date of registration
  • Web browser and/or e-mail client


  • Transfers to the MailChimp platform that provides the solution for sending our newsletters
  • Creation of your personalized special offers and general special offers for all members.
  • Creation of personalized and relevant mailings via MailChimp
  • Analysis of newsletter results to see who opened the e-mail and who clicked the links

Legal basis:Legitimate interest.
The processing is necessary to fulfil the legitimate interest in special offers and information sent in mailings of both ourselves and our subscribers who have given their consent to receive such newsletters.

Data retention period: Until consent is withdrawn by manually unregistering from our newsletter mailing list.

1.6 Purpose: To provide a personalized experience of our services

Personal data

  • Name
  • Username
  • Age
  • Sex
  • City
  • Purchase history


  • Creation of personalized content on our website
  • Improving your user experience of our website by, for example, saving your favorites and cart contents to simplify future purchases
  • Creation of relevant product recommendations/ads on Facebook
  • Creation of relevant Google search results

Legal basis:Legitimate interest.
We collect and process this data as it is necessary if we are to fulfil our and your legitimate interest in personalized special offers and relevant marketing.

Data retention period:For a period of 26 months after you have visited our website.

2. Who has access to your personal data?

Personal data may be disclosed to Hasta’s business partners provided this is necessary in order to offer our services. Personal data is disclosed to the authorities only where required by law or government decisions. We share your personal data with the following business partners:

  • Shipping companies and shipping agents in order to deliver your goods
  • Payment solution providers such as Klarna (see section 2.1)
  • Marketing companies (such as advertising agencies, printers, social media)
  • IT services (companies that manage the operation, maintenance, and development of our website)
  • Google Analytics (see section 2.2)
  • Facebook (see section 2.3)
  • MailChimp (see section 2.4)
  • Trustpilot (see section 2.5)

2.1 Google
Your personal data is disclosed to Google because we use Google Analytics, which means that your personal data may be forwarded to and stored on Google’s servers. These servers are located in different parts of the world; you can read more about storage in section 5.

The data we share with Google is your IP address and your behavior on our website. These are used on an aggregated level for analysis by Google Analytics in order to improve the service and user experience offered via our website. They are also used to personalize search results and marketing so as to improve their relevance to you. Google may also use your personal data to evaluate their services. You can read more in section 1.6.

2.2 Facebook
Since we share your personal data with Facebook, they may be stored on some of Facebook’s servers located outside Europe. You can read more about storage in section 5.

We use Facebook’s proprietary Facebook for WooCommerce plugin that, via a Facebook pixel, collects your IP address and details about your behavior on our website (which pages you have visited, which products you have added to the cart, and which products you have purchased). This data is used on an aggregated level for analysis and on an individual level for personalized and relevant ads. You can read more in section 1.6.

2.3 MailChimp
We share your personal data with MailChimp to send mailings to those who have subscribed to our newsletter. Accordingly, your personal data may be forwarded to, and stored on, MailChimp’s servers.

The newsletters distributed via MailChimp contain so-called web beacons, which enable us to collect information about when you opened the e-mail, your IP address, your web browser and/or e-mail client, and other related information. This information helps us to evaluate the outcome of the mailing, such as to see who has opened the newsletters and who has clicked links in the newsletter content. MailChimp uses this information to generate reports about newsletter outcomes and the actions taken by our subscribers. These reports are also available to MailChimp, which may collect and review the information therein. These reports are also available to MailChimp, which may collect and review the information therein.

2.4 Trust Pilot
We share your personal data (e-mail, name, and details about which products you have purchased) with Trustpilot in order to collect your opinions from reviews of our products and services so that we can offer you better products and better service as a customer.

2.4 PayPal
PayPal retains personal data in an identifiable format for the least amount of time necessary to fulfill their legal or regulatory obligations and for business purposes. Personal data may be retained for longer periods than required by law if it is in the legitimate business interests of PayPal and not prohibited by law.

3. Cookies

Hasta uses cookies to improve its website. Some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly while others are used to enable us to improve the website and user experience or for marketing purposes.

Cookies are small files containing data that most websites you visit send to your browser, where they are stored. Normally, cookies are used to improve the user experience by remembering which language you prefer to use, whether you are logged in, which screen resolution you are using, and so on.

We use cookies:
– To keep you logged in during your visit to our website
– To improve your user experience by, for example, saving the items you add to your cart between sessions
– For marketing purposes

We use:

1) Session cookies (temporary cookies that expire when you close your web browser or device).
2) Persistent cookies (cookies that remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire).
3) First-party cookies (cookies created by the website you are visiting).
4) Third-party cookies (cookies created by a third party website). On our website, these are primarily used for analyses, such as Google Analytics, as well as to collect reviews via Trustpilot.

You can also manage how cookies are used in your web browser or device settings. Blocking or deleting certain cookies may cause our website and services to function incorrectly or not at all.

4. Where do we process your personal data?

We strive to process your personal data within the EU/EEA. All of our own processing of your personal data takes place within the EU/EEA. The data we share with, and which are processed by, MailChimp, Facebook, and Google may be transferred to and stored in countries outside the EU/EEA.

MailChimp, Facebook, and Google comply with the GDPR and ensure the same security for your personal data as within the EU/EEA.

5. How long do we keep your personal data?

You can read how long we keep personal data for each purpose for which we collect personal data in section 1. However, we never keep personal data any longer than necessary.

6. Your rights

Right of access: You have the right to at any time request information about the personal data we have on you. You have the right to know which data we collect, where it is stored, how it is used, and why we collect, process, and store your data.

Right to rectification:In the event of incorrect or incomplete data, you have the right to request that they be rectified. If you are a registered member at Hastahome.se, you can edit certain data under My account.

We may need to keep some data regardless, if they are necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or processed. We are also entitled to refuse your request if legal obligations prevent us from erasing certain data immediately.

Right to restriction: You also have the right to restrict our processing of your personal data.

Right to data portability: You have the right to request that the personal data we have on you be transferred to another data controller.

Right to erasure:You may at any time withdraw your consent to our use of your personal data and you are also entitled to have your personal data erased and to block any future collection and use of your data. If you would like us to erase your personal data, you can e-mail [email protected], call +46 (0)221 345 00, or write to Hasta AB, Fabriksgatan 14, SE-731 50 Köping, Sweden.

7. How is your personal data protected?

We want you to have peace of mind as regards our processing of your personal data and use IT systems to secure the confidentiality, privacy, and accessibility of your data. We take the necessary security measures to protect your personal data against unlawful or unauthorized processing. We do not collect more data than necessary and your personal data are not processed by, or accessible to, more persons than necessary to meet our stated purposes.

Swedish Data Protection Authority
The Swedish Data Protection Authority is responsible for monitoring compliance with the applicable legislation. You can also contact this authority if you believe that a company processes personal data in an incorrect manner.

8. Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy and will provide reasonable notice of any such changes. If you do not find the changes acceptable, you may decline to consent or withdraw any previously given consent.