Panel curtains

Panelgardin standardmått Hasta

Easy and flexible

Panel curtains looks the best with several combined. Vary the look with different colours, patterns or material. Easy to change the style and adjust the natural light by the position of the panel curtains. 

Panelgardin, randig beige/svart, Hasta

Panel curtains in standard sizes

Our panel curtains come in a standard 45×250 cm size and are delivered with a sewn hem at the top for panel holders and a strip of hemming tape so you can easily hem the bottom to give your panel curtain the right length.

Panelgardin Måttillverkad Hasta

Made-to-measure panel curtains

If you would like panel curtains of another size, you can order them made-to-measure from one of our retailers. This also gives you a much larger selection of fabrics to choose from.

panelgardiner panelskena Hasta

Panel curtains as a sunshade or room divider

Since we make our panel curtains from the same heavy fabrics we use for our roller blinds, they work well as sunshades for larger window expanses. Panel curtains can also be used to create a stylish and practical room divider, or to conceal a shelving system.