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Vertical blinds

Emerald ljusbrun lamellgardin, Väv Diamond

Perfect in large windows

A vertical blind is a sunshade especially suited to large window expanses where other sunshades are insufficient. Vertical textile blinds that can be angled enable you to adjust the incoming light and you can even pull the entire blind aside when you do not want any screening at all.

We have vertical blinds in both made-to-measure and standard widths.

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Lamellgardin Opti Pro, mörkläggande, måttillverkad, vit
Lamellgardin Opti Pro, väv Diamond Ecrü
Lamellgardin Opti Pro, avskärmande Sapphire, måttillverkad, linnefärgad

The perfect choice for large windows

Vertical blinds are a smart option in large windows where regular blinds are insufficient.

Easy to adjust the natural light 

With vertical blinds you easily adjust the natural light coming from the window. The blind can also be pulled aside completely when you do not want to cover the window at all.  

A flexible choice

A vertical blind can be used on most window models and is a stylish choice of sunshade. 

Great collection of fabrics 

Choose between many different colours and models when you order a customized vertical blind. In our standard collection you will find the bestselling fabrics.   

Lamellgardin Opti Pro, väv avskärmande Perle, måttillverkad, flera färger



  • Affordable alternative
  • Fixed rail widths
  • Buy only as many slats as you need
  • Easily cut the right height at home
  • Both angled and opened with the wand

Monoflex is our vertical blind stocked in standard sizes. To put together a complete vertical blind, you need to buy a vertical blind rail and packs of textile slats, the exact number depending on which rail width you choose.

Opti Pro


  • The exact right size ready to install
  • Greater freedom of choice – choose from a wide range of slat fabrics.
  • Delivery time: 7 business days
  • Very easy to install
  • Rail of very high quality
  • Angled and adjusted by cord and chain
Emerald vit lamellgardin, Väv Diamond