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Curtain rails for heavy curtains

The weight can sometimes be too much for a rail, such as with heavy blackout curtains. We have rails designed to withstand heavy loads, and we present them below. In many cases, our other rails can also be used for heavy curtains, but you may need more brackets and shorter distances between the brackets for a secure installation.

curtain rail


Elegant and luxurious rail – available in 5 trendy colors. The rail is equipped with a gliders with rubber wheels which gives a quiet slide and makes even very heavy curtains slide easily. You can also add LED lighting to the rail.


Curtain rail with inserts that allows even really heavy curtains to slide very well in the rail. Recommended when you want your curtains to glide easily in the rail.

Gardinskena Superglide
Vit cabinskena

Cabin rail

For really heavy sets of curtains that need to withstand being pulled open and closed (such as in public environments), choose a Cabin rail.

Motorized rails

Open your curtains in the morning by simply pressing a button on a remote control or control panel. We have a number of motorized curtain rails that can be made to measure to fit your window perfectly. We have 4 different motorized rails rated from 30 kg to 60 kg! 

Motorskena hotellgardin dubbla Hasta
Lindragsskena, måttillverkad, Hasta


Our sturdy pull cord rail can hold up to 45 kg! With a pull cord rail you can quickly and simply adjust the lighting level. Add center opening so that instead of the curtains being pulled to one side, they open in the middle and are pulled to both sides.