Match blackout and transparent curtains in the same colour tone for a look that is both well-thought-out and harmonious. 

By choosing a thinner curtain in the same colour range, you end up with a smoother transition than with a white, sheer curtain. You also end up keeping that lovely light the sheer curtain allows in. 

For even waves, use corded gliders.
Hotellskena, dubbel gardinskena Hasta
Choose our hotel rail for double curtains close to the ceiling. 
Gardin Viska dovgrön och Stilla mörkgrön
With one blackout and one transparent curtain, you can easily adjust how much light you let in.
Gardin Vilja, roströd
Gardin Vilja, roströd

Dokie & Vilja Rusty Red on Curtain Pole

Create an illusion of the hotel look with two different curtains on the same curtain pole. Simple, beautiful, and practical!

Gardin Dokie roströd
hotellgardiner ton i ton


Stilla beige & Viska beige

Here we have combined the beautifully shiny Stilla in a blackout fabric with the transparent Viska.

Beige tones add warmth and are simple to decorate with for a stylish, neutral feel that still feels less unadorned than that of the crispy white.

Mörkläggande gardin Stilla beige
transparent gardin viska beige
Gardin Viska och mörkläggande gardin Stilla beige


Hotel curtains make a beautiful impression in the classic home as well. If you prefer traditional curtain poles over rails, just add our double curtain pole bracket and two curtain poles parallell to each other to hang curtains in two layers. In this way the curtain poles become a decorative detail that enhances the more rural, rustic feeling. 

Ton i ton Ljuva sammetsgardin och Vilja transparent gardin blå
Mix different structures
dubbelfäste gardinstång antikmässing
Double curtain pole bracket for hotel curtains on curtain pole. 
Elin gardinstång och Ljuva blå sammetsgardin
Elin curtain pole
Gardin Malva greige och Ljuva beige ton i ton

Romantic Look with Pencil Pleats

With the gathering function you can easily create simple, romantic pencil pleats, giving the room a soft, rural quality. When combined with antique furniture and beautiful natural materials you create a timeless look that breaths of farmhouse romance. 

Gardin Malva, greige
Ljuva beige sammet gardin

Malva has a beautiful linen structure and is made of recycled polyester as part of our collection “Sustainable Living.” 

The u-rail is nearly insvisible when mounted on the ceiling, allowing the curtains to have full focus. 

Match with cushion covers in the same materials or tone on tone and add beautiful flowers to enhance the romantic feel of the room.

ljuva beige sammetskudde