With the right blind you can adjust the indoor temperature. The difference with or without a blind can also be quite big. Here’s our guide to keeping the summer heat out of the window and getting a cooler, more comfortable indoor temperature.


Many choose dark colors when they choose blinds and think they protect against the sun, and the heat, the best. Some of them also choose dark because they feel it fits best in their home and is well suited to the decor. In fact, however, you should choose bright colors to bring in as little heat as possible from the sun.

You probably know how to wear black clothes on a real summer day, how they draw the heat and the next thing burns on the skin. It’s just the same with a blind, dark colours absorb the heat. This will make it really hot in the window, and thus also in the room because the heat is will spread itself. A bright blind is therefore really preferable!

Pleated blind with double weave

A blind that actually works better than regular blinds (ie, without Titan weave) is a double-pleated blind. It is often called honeycomb.

The double weave makes sure that a part of the heat is insulated by means of the space between the weaves, where it becomes like an air gap.

 A really nice blind! Available in a variant where you do not have to screw!

 Better than standard blinds

SCREEN roller blind

Another really good tip is to choose a screen roller blind. It reduces the solar heat while providing a pleasant light emission. It does not feel as confined as a blackout roller blind, especially during the day when you still want to have natural light indoors.

The screen rolled blind is also perceived as translucent, so you do not miss out on your nice view!

You will have pleasant light emission

You’ll keep the view

Good privacy protection

TITAN – Reflects the sun away

If you do not want an outdoor-mounted blind, a roller blind with our Titan weave is our best tips. The titanium weave has a back in a silvery fabric which directly reflects away a large part of the sun’s rays, and even the heat!

The back reflects away a large part of the sun’s rays

Our most efficient indoor blind against heat

Blind outdoors

The most effective way of reducing heat coming through the window is to prevent the heat from reaching the window. Therefore, a blind mounted outdoors is the best you can choose.

Hasta has a cassette roller blind with solar cell motorisation developed exclusively for outdoor use. This also has a durable screen weave that is also effective against heat (read more about Screen weaves above).

Most efficient against heat

Screen weave (read more above)

Motorised – powered by solar cells

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